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Corporate responsibility

Our core values “responsible, humane, forward” already sums up FleuraMetz’ natural social awareness. In addition to the current support of initiatives in The Netherlands, FleuraMetz concentrates its efforts on corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Ecuador.

Every day we export large quantities of beautiful roses and other floricultural products to facilities in Europe and North America. This is a great contribution to the economic development of Ecuador and its people. However, our most explicit CSR contribution lies with Proyecto Indio. Proyecto Indio initiates and supports activities on areas such as health care, education and training, infrastructure and individual aid. Learn more about Proyecto Indio through the images below. 

Fairtrade, MPS

Since October 2011, FleuraMetz is Fairtrade certified. FleuraMetz was one of the first flower trading companies that met this organisation’s high standards and is still licensed today to sell Fair trade certified flowers. We are very proud of this achievement. Consumers and companies find it increasingly important to know the origin and sustainability of flowers and plants. This is why FleuraMetz offers a large range in MPS certified flowers. Ask your sales person for more details. 

FleuraMetz’ unique logistical network is the source for its efficiency in transport. The burden on the environment remains relatively small and the emission of carbon – dioxide is kept as low as possible. Our modern vehicle fleet never drives faster than necessary and we possess multiple distribution centers in various markets. We therefore prefer to sell products, which are produced near these markets. 

FleuraMetz is one of the founding members of the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI). Their goal is to make sure that 90% of all the flowers and plants traded on the international market are sustainably produced by 2020.  FSI wants to realise this by creating an international vision on sustainability. Want to find out more? Check out