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Inspire buyers with Umami or Bright Vivid

Tastes differ, so every flower buyer has different preferences. It’s important that your flowers, plants and bouquets appeal to various groups of customers, which is why we’d like to let you know about these styles: Umami and Bright Vivid. The FlowerTales team explains what kinds of people prefer these two packages.

“The Umamai  package is becoming increasingly eccentric. It includes a whole range of painted flowers, because spring is celebrated with all the wildest colours. There’s no limit to how far you can go with Bright Vivid. 

This package contains  a healthy dose of spirituality and mystery. The spiritual aspect is reflected in the Buddha statues,  and the mystery in the special colours of the plants and flowers. It’s a weird sight, yet powerful at the same time. It’s all down to taste, but we’re big fans!”

“Bright Vivid is characterised by two aspects in the early summer. On the one hand, it represents the real outdoor life with lots of Ibizan and bohemian products, and on the other hand it represents being experimental and colourful. This style uses lots of different materials, and a whole range of painted and brightly coloured flowers and plants. The germini plays a particularly significant role in this package.”


We appreciate both styles. What’s your favourite? Find out more about the wonderful products and packages at, in the FleuraMetz App , or in FlowerTales Magazine.  

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