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The popular trend among young urban couples to get married in an intimate setting, in the city centre, is still growing. This video, which featured the rose mix 'Urban Eclectic' from the wedding collection Le Rêve™, showed you how can achieve the right sentiment. One particular element caught your eye. Therefore, a special feature on... the backdrop!

The backdrop: a big, impactful décor item that is hard to beat. A backdrop can be made in different colours, shapes and sizes. Most importantly, it must fit the theme or the ambiance of the wedding. Our designer, Tiffany van Lenten, tells us more about the backdrop she designed for Urban Eclectic.

"I started with attaching three floral foam florettes to the frame. I used tie wraps to secure them creating a solid base. The florettes were deliberately attached to only the right side of the frame so the centre of the backdrop remained open. This way you create a beautiful structure with that typical urban appeal."

Tiffany started with the bigger foliage. "It's best to put in the larger materials first. Then I added eucalyptus for a playful look. The most fun challenge was to divide the different coloured roses evenly throughout the design. I did this step by step, colour by colour, so that each component had the equal amount of colour." Tiffany then finished the backdrop with the remaining, finer products.

"When you only have limited time at the venue, it is advisable to do as much prep as you can. The base with the florettes and greenery can be made in advance leaving only the fresh flowers and small materials to be put into the backdrop on the day itself."

Would you like to know more about the Urban Eclectic? Find out the variety names in the picture below and search for them in our web shop. For more inspiration of the Le Rêve™ wedding collection, look here.

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