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RESPONSIBLE | The new packaging

They were already featured in the FleuraMetz Magazine: packaging. Needed for their protective function, criticised for their negative impact on the environment. At the same time, they offer companies and brands a new opportunity: who has the ultimate solution that satisfies all parties? We looked within and beyond the industry.

Sustainable and cruelty-free production of care products: Lush does it all. 65% of their collection is naked and doesn’t have any wrapping. Solid shampoos, shower gels and body lotions, not tested on animals and vegan. Lush proves that sustainable and ethnical can be viable.

The sportswear and shoe brand no longer puts their shoes in shoeboxes but designed a recyclable polyester bag with cardboard structure, which has no additional printing. Every element is recyclable and the bag itself can be used as shopping or shoe bag afterwards by its buyer. Clever, sustainable and efficient!

A new packaging law in Germany is effective as from 1 January 2019 (VerpackungsGesetz). This guideline involves a packaging tax for companies meaning that they are obliged to take back and recycle all the packing materials, which they have put on the German market. FleuraMetz has been doing this already (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and recycles 100% of its papers, plastics and organic waste itself. Want to know more? Click here.

Our Preferred Suppliers also think about how to reduce their footprint. Stolk Orchids for example, has an eco-friendly business operation, which they share on their FSC sleeve. Zentoo developed a biodegradable sleeve for their chrysanthemums, which can be thrown away with other green waste! 

FleuraMetz often shares news about promising developments, practical solutions or clever ideas from Preferred Suppliers. These updates are posted on FleuraMetz’s website and social media.
Read the digital issue of the FleuraMetz Magazine here.

TIPS & TRICKS | Get your flower shop ready for spring!

Flower stylist Bianca Vreugdenhil knows the ropes as no other. New season, new products. Bianca: “With the new collection of pots in stock, that what is left over from last season will normally be put on sale. But what if you can still sell them against their original price?”

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On the move | Visiting the fresh SCOOP®

To florists, it’s an never ending challenge to find new products for their designs. Not to mention that nowadays, you should also know where products come from and what special technology was required to grow them. We’ve done the research for you on the SCOOP® Scabiosa. Want to know more?

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