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DIY | Easy yet extraordinary

Easy yet extraordinary designs… this DIY from the FlowerTales Magazine ticks all the right boxes. Both the plant as well as the flower are dyed. Have you tried our designer’s technique yet?

Step 1
Wrap the wire lightly around the dyed Echeveria for a playful look.

Step 2
To extend the vase-life of the phalaenopsis, our designer used tea lights: dip the ends of the blooms in the liquid wax. ‘It will lock the water in the stem and prevent it from evaporating extending the vase-life of the flower without extra watering’. Other types of wax are also suitable for this technique. 

Step 3
Glue the dyed Phalaenopsis onto the wire and Echeveria using the cold glue.

Have you tried this wax technique before? Let us know! For more information about the materials we used please contact your salesperson or take a look in our web shop.

On the move | Visiting the fresh SCOOP®

To florists, it’s an never ending challenge to find new products for their designs. Not to mention that nowadays, you should also know where products come from and what special technology was required to grow them. We’ve done the research for you on the SCOOP® Scabiosa. Want to know more?

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HOT OR NOT | Flat lay photography

Perhaps you have already seen them in the FleuraMetz Magazine: simple but stunning flat lays. This original way of taking pictures is very effective for drawing attention to a portfolio or style for example. With only a few flowers and foliage, you can already create little pieces of art. What do you think of them?

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