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Buying from FlowerTales on the FleuraMetz App

  • The free App can be downloaded by customers for Android and iPhone. If the App was already downloaded, it must be updated to see FlowerTales.
  • Buying from FlowerTales on the FleuraMetz App is only available to customers in Europe.
  • The free FleuraMetz App for run shopping is available to customers in North America, the fun shopping feature is not.
  • The FleuraMetz App is not available yet to customers in Africa, Asia and Australia.

Please see our website for the general terms and conditions. In addition, the agreements below apply. By using FlowerTales in the App, you indicate that you have given notice of the following conditions and agree to these terms and conditions:

  • FlowerTales – same as normal orders – can only be ordered for the delivery days that apply to your area
  • FlowerTales products are attached to an delivery date. Therefore, you only see the products that are available for that specific delivery date. Selecting another delivery date may bring up different products and/or availability and pricing. – None of the products in the FlowerTales environment can be ordered for a next day delivery.
  • The prices for flowers from FlowerTales can vary per buying or ordering day. Prices are subjected to auction sales and market forces. – FlowerTales offers flowers, plants and hard goods. It is possible that you were only ordering flowers off us until now or that your area is limited to just our flower selection. Ask your FleuraMetz contact person for more options.
  • FlowerTales and FleuraMetz work with daily fresh products. Bad weather can have a negative influence on quality meaning that certain products may no longer be available.
  • If a FlowerTales wish list is added to an order at a later time (and therefore a different delivery date), prices and availability may vary. – It is possible that FlowerTales is offering exclusive products, which are not showing in our standard web shop environment. These products can only be ordered in the FlowerTales environment and not in the standard web shop environment.
  • The settings that apply to you in regards to order quantities and delivery method are the same as the settings in the standard environment from the FleuraMetz web shop.
  • On the invoice, you will see a separate specification for fun and run shopping. FlowerTales products are listed separately. This is also visible during the ordering process on the App: all the products that are ordered for the same delivery date are listed in one order, FlowerTales products are listed separately.

I don't see FlowerTales in the menu.
If you have downloaded the free FleuraMetz App in August 2018 or later (for Android and iPhone), FlowerTales is listed on the top left of the menu once you are logged in. If you currently have an older version of the App installed, you must update the App first before FlowerTales is visible. Simply update it the App Store (iPhone) or Play store (Android).

What is FlowerTales?
FlowerTales is the inspirational platform by FleuraMetz. Discover the magic of the platform exclusively on the Fleurametz App and find out the trendsetting packages. Browse through the different styles and select your favourite products for your wish list. Finished? Simply order your complete wish list in one go by adding it to an order which you have already started.

I can browse left and right and scroll up and down. Why?
FlowerTales offers you two ways to browse through the selection. Browse left and right to see the different packages and styles. Scroll up and down for more details about a specific trend and the corresponding package.

What is ‘The Story’?
The different packages (combinations made with flowers, plants and hard goods) in FlowerTales are based on current, leading trends. These trends represent a certain movement or development in society and apply to one or multiple target groups. The story explains in short what the package represents in the two months that it is available. It allows you to easily decide whether the content applies to your customers.

How often do packages change?
Every two months, newly updated packages are launched with products, colours and shapes that are tailored to the season, occasion and one of the trends. Trends are established twice a year (autumn and spring) and are shaped and put together with trend watchers. Would you like to order extra or re-order products from previous packages, please take into account that the products are limitedly available: as long as stock lasts.

What is the difference between a whish list and an order?
When you shop from FlowerTales, the products are added to a wish list. You haven't placed an actual order yet. Once the list is final, you can add this to an order in one go. An order is always attached to a fixed delivery date. When you change the date, it may affect availability and/or pricing. Once the wish list has been added to an order, you have placed an order for these items.

What is fun shopping?
Fun shopping is a fun and creative way of buying. The opposite of run shopping. Literarily, run shopping means 'running a quick errand'. At FleuraMetz, shopping has been made easy with filters, such as Essentials and Surprise. Would you like more inspiration to boost your creativity? Exclusive on the FleuraMetz App are the inspiring packages by FlowerTales that offer a fun and convenience way of shopping.

I am not able to buy every product that is shown in the image.
Browsing through packages is only possible by ordering date. Therefore, you only see the products that are available for that date. FlowerTales offers flowers, plants and hard goods. It is possible that you have only been buying flowers off us or that your area is limited to just flowers. Ask your FleuraMetz contact person for more, specific options. In addition, we are dealing with daily fresh products. Bad weather can negatively influence quality meaning that certain products may no longer be available.

Can I return to fun shopping in FlowerTales from my shopping basket?
Yes, you can. On the top left of your shopping basket you see a cross. Tap on the cross and you will return to the FlowerTales packages. You can also proceed to the FleuraMetz environment and continue your shopping there. The products from FlowerTales and the standard environment will be added together so that there is one order per ordering date. Please note: if a FlowerTales wish list is added to an order at a later time, it may affect availability and pricing