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FlowerTales for a touch of magic on the FleuraMetz App

Have you placed orders on the FleuraMetz App yet? It is a fast, easy way of shopping that is available 24/7 and always within arm’s reach. In summer 2018, we will also introduce something completely unique to the floriculture industry: inspiration-based buying.

If you have been ordering online before, you may have seen the different categories under Buy Smart: Essentials, Promo, Surprise... these categories are developed for a trusted, fast and practical way of buying, which is also known as run shopping. Its counterpart is equally easy and fast but is fully based on fun and inspiration. Your creativity is leading; depending on the trends and styles that suit your target group, you can now select from complete packages to individual items. Not only is this latest feature cutting-edge to the industry, it is also lots of fun! This method is rightfully called: fun shopping.

As of summer 2018, you can make your choice exclusively on the FleuraMetz App. Download or update your FleuraMetz App in the App Store/Play Store. Once you are logged in, you can select ‘FlowerTales’ on the top left in the menu. Here you will discover the magical packages of FlowerTales; every flower, plant and hard good that match is brought together. You can choose between inspiring packages, browse through them to boost your creativity or select only those items that suit you. Are you currently only buying flowers off us? Ask your sales person for more options on plants and hard goods.

Select the products you need and add them to your wish list. When you are finished shopping, give the list a final check and select a delivery date. Just like the normal web shop, prices may vary between ordering dates. Read the conditions here.

Try the FleuraMetz App now, download or update it here

Want to know how FlowerTales on the App works? Check out the 'How to: FlowerTales on the app' -video!

Staying focused with power plants

It’s almost time: a glorious summer is coming to an end and most people are heading back to work. How do we boost their energy and let them return to their jobs with renewed focus? The answer is plants! These plants produce extra oxygen, enhance your level of concentration and are available in the web shop now.

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Novinky u FleuraMetz - novinky v naší nabídce

Tyto produkty jsou od minulého týdne v našem sortimentu jako novinky. Pokud máte zájem o některé produkty, informaci o dostupnosti a ceně získáte u svého prodejce. Upozorňujeme, že některé produkty mají omezenou dostupnost (sezónní zboží).

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