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Are you a fan of our app yet?

The new FleuraMetz app doesn’t only offer the convenience of placing orders at any time at any place, it also has a user-friendly layout and speed! Have you downloaded* the new (free) app on your phone or tablet yet?

24/7, order quick and easy from any location

Search for ‘FleuraMetz’ in the App Store  or the Google Play Store  on your phone or tablet to download the app. Your current web shop login details will give you direct access. Once you are logged in, you will receive a one-off short introduction to the app.

Not registered for an account yet? Registration is also available through the app. The option becomes available after the app has been downloaded. Should you have any queries, your FleuraMetz contact person is always available, or send us an email. We are here to help. 


*Coming soon to USA, Canada, Australia.

The Christmas tree from a different angle!

Even though a classic Christmas tree appeal to popular taste, it might just not be your cup of tea. With so many wonderful alternatives to a traditional tree, you can very simply enjoy Christmas your way! Minimalistic, Scandinavian, classic or kitsch: view Christmas trees from a different angle!

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Novinky u FleuraMetz - novinky v naší nabídce

Tyto produkty jsou od minulého týdne v našem sortimentu jako novinky. Pokud máte zájem o některé produkty, informaci o dostupnosti a ceně získáte u svého prodejce. Upozorňujeme, že některé produkty mají omezenou dostupnost (sezónní zboží).

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