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Translating trends into floral arrangements

Trends are constantly changing, and each new one is often accompanied with a mood board and colour cards. That’s all very well, but how do we use it in our daily flower arrangements? Floral designer Tessa Schoneveld from Meesterlijk Geschikt explains how she translated Pure Solas' mood board into beautiful creations.

When Tessa receives a mood board, she first looks at the atmosphere it radiates. “Actually, I look at the images first, and only then the text. I’m a creative person at heart, in fact, I think most florists are." She says that she seldom works without a mood board these days. “It’s always a very useful guide, whether for myself or to give the customer an idea of the result. Bridal couples may also appear with their own mood board, which is good for getting all suppliers on the same page in terms of the style”

Jojanneke (FlowerTales team) sent the Pure Solas mood board to Tessa a few weeks in advance. At moments like these, she gets ideas almost immediately. “In this case, the words being alone, coming to rest, warmth, metallics, fabrics, spheres, floats and clouds entered my mind. Then I read in the text that Pure Solas is a spiritual style. That’s why I created a 'world' in which I’d feel relaxed.”

Jojanneke and Tessa discuss all the ideas and wishes from FleuraMetz in advance, so that they can buy the right materials. “Since the wedding season has already started, this is how we get to work. The customer can clearly see what products are suitable for bridal dresses, and immediately find inspiration. For example, we made large clouds of gypsophila above the wedding table. On the table itself, we placed a small dinner setting, with table vases and a wedding bouquet. There are also small flower cakes on the plates; that white and yellow iris really is my favourite! It’s fantastic to work with all these beautiful materials, they never cease to inspire."

"I know from experience that you sell more if you show what’s possible," says Tessa, explaining the importance of preparation. “On the big day, there’s not much time to invent all kinds of new things. However, careful planning in advance will make the day itself a big success! My message to florists is, show what you can do!”

“Obviously, everything in this setting has been put together with a lot of love and care. It’s reflected in the result, and believe me, it's great fun to make!”

So, will you be going about things the same way, or do you have a different approach? We’d love to know, so please tell us!

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