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CONNECT | Make a statement with Instagram

The popularity of Instagram is spanning across the globe. How can you stand out from the rest? With ‘Instagrammable moments’; unique elements that instantly draw the attention of followers on Instagram. B Floral – an event design & production firm in New York (USA) – knows exactly how to.

B Floral’s owner and lead designer, Bronwen Smith, is sharing her insights on different types of Instagrammable moments, for corporate and private clients, and how they will elevate any event. Find out her tips and use them to your benefit. 

Bronwen: “Every event should feature a one of a kind element which excites guests and leaves them with lasting memories. Grab attendees' attention with a colourful flower wall filled with bold hues. Seamlessly integrate an event's or a brand's color scheme into a wall by choosing florals in complementary colors”.
Want to make your flower wall more Instagram-friendly? “Attach the event’s hashtag to the flower wall so that the hashtag will be visible in every photo. This will make it easy for someone to search for more posts and stories from your event on the app.”

Photography: B Floral

“A flower bomb is a whimsical installation where blooms are overflowing out of an object. Vehicles are commonly used in flower bomb installations but smaller items such as travel trunks or mailboxes are popular as well. The key to achieving a memorable flower bomb installation is to make sure all flowers are unstructured and free flowing. The blooms must be styled so it appears that the flowers have been growing out of the object for years. This Insta-Worthy installation will be sure to pop up in your guest’s Instagram feeds. A flower bomb is the ultimate photo moment and will become the focal point of a venue!” says Bronwen.

Photography: B Floral

You don’t have to create larger-than-life installations to make something “Instagrammable.” Guests will still snap and post pictures of eye-catching arrangements! Use on-trend colours such as coral, which is the Pantone’ Colour of the Year, to create bold arrangements. Our team has noticed that antique and mercury glass vases have become a recent favourite of New York City florists and have begun to make a splash on Instagram.”

Photography: Mark Kopko

Looking to impress guests and maximise the chances of them posting about an event? Give them the best photo-op possible. Instagrammable moments such as flower walls and flower bombs are irresistible portrait opportunities that are sure to have guests and followers talking AND posting!

BEHIND THE SCENES | A day of flowers at FlowerTales

Every two months, FlowerTales launches a new set of packages and a new magazine. Before the fresh flowers are ready for sale, a lot of prepping needs to be done. The selection, the photoshoot, making of the designs…. Colleague Doris Jobst from Vienna was invited to help out for a day and shared her happy experience with us!

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ON THE MOVE | FleuraMetz @ IPM

The IPM Essen was once again the most important meeting point for the international green sector between the 22nd and 25th of January. As a partner of the FDF (Fachverband Deutscher Floristen), Fleurop and Floral Fundamentals, FleuraMetz was present at various locations on the exhibition floor and show stage and saw a surprising amount of beautiful products.

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