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RESPONSIBLE | H.M. Tesselaar on its way to Planet Proof

Alstroemeria grower H.M. Tesselaar is Preferred Supplier and one giant step ahead of the majority of the floriculture industry. Niels Tesselaar: ‘We are well on our way in becoming Planet Proof and very close to an all-organic alstroemeria production. With the implementation of LED lighting our possibilities have increased tremendously.’

The Preferred Supplier explains: ‘The more I know about the possibilities of organic production, the more it dawns on me that we know so little. We keep learning every day and each day brings us closer to a sustainable production system, which is also economically viable.’

The grower stepped out of his comfort zone two year ago and made contact with a biologist. ‘Believe it or not but there is still so much to gain even in the smallest details. We discovered a new method to purify water for example and different options with LED lighting are still unexplored.’ The renovated greenhouse based in Heerhugowaard (The Netherlands) has beautiful purple-pink LED lighting. Niels: ‘It gives fuller, greener and more dynamic plants. I am really happy with the results.’

He continues: ‘It’s not just about LED lighting or MPS-GAP certification. It’s about the bigger picture. I understand that FleuraMetz stimulates its growers in getting the right certifications. It’s very important as you need a common measuring tool for the industry. However, the world keeps moving on, the demand from retail and consumers for a smaller footprint is just as big. With that in mind, MPS-GAP is already outdated.’

That is why his company is working very hard in becoming Planet Proof. ‘If we operate at least a year according to the standards of ‘On the way to Planet Proof’, we will automatically be promoted to Planet Proof. We will be one of the first to obtain this title and hopefully pave the path for others in the industry to follow. Ignoring the signs won’t bring you anywhere. The world is changing and the floriculture industry must follow suit.’

CONNECT | More followers on Instagram

Promoting your designs, bouquets and arrangements online is very similar to promoting a brand. Instagram is extremely popular and focused on photography. This platform gives you many different options for promoting your brand and your work allowing you to show off your creativity and innovativeness.

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