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DIY | Get the most out of your business Instagram account

Instagram is currently one of the most popular social platform out there. It’s not just being used for sharing your personal highs anymore, it has also become a favoured tool for business purposes nowadays. How does it work, using Instagram for business means? We have gathered some of the best tips below.

There are many different types of accounts. A Business account will give you extra options, such as a contact button or advertising options. You can also keep track of your uploads’ reach and find out what the best time is to post messages.

Use storytelling! Creating stories about your products allows you to sell more than just the flower itself. Consumers have an growing craving for honest products and reliable information. Make sure you know exactly what you have in stock and the products’ specific or unique information. Sharing your professional knowledge in a different way creates customer loyalty. 

We have already mentioned this in a previous article and it is still on trend: Instagram Stories (read here). These posts only stay online for a maximum of 24 hours and allow you to tell an attractive story. It also offers different creative options, such as stickers, personal writing and GIF’s (small, moving images).

Last but not least, use #hashtags. They are extremely popular and work on different platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook. Using hashtags will also make you stand out among the right target groups. How to know which hashtags works for you customers? Our advice is: learning by doing. The Hashtagger app is also a great tool. This app shows you which are the most popular hashtags right now. However, that doesn’t always mean that they are suitable for your target group. 

Keep posting, trying and show the online community what you have to offer. Queries? Ask us on our Instagram account: @fleurametz_official


DIY | A happy summer flower crown

It’s the best time of the year for most of us: summer! A season to be celebrated and what better way to do it than with a floral DIY. It can be used for the shop window, as a design piece for a workshop or festivals, weddings or other events. What will be your take?

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ON THE MOVE | Florist Stephan Triebe visits Preferred Supplier Kiara Flowers

The Deutscher Meister der Floristen 2016, Stephan Triebe, travelled to Ecuador last March. Here, he discovered the country’s powerful nature and visited different nurseries, including Preferred Supplier Kiara Flowers. Awed by the complex production process, he tells us his story.

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