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Blog: DIY online shop window

Flowers are an indispensable part of our lives. Not only in real life but also online, flowers are your number one bestseller. Instagram and Pinterest are flooded with beautiful images of flowers often followed by requests for events and weddings.

Sheffield store Swallows & Damsons CREDIT: INDIA HOBSON

Make sure to maintain an active account. Take Anna Potter for example, a florist from Sheffield, UK. Thanks to her Instagram account, where she uploads a new picture every day (@swallowsanddamsons, she not only has over 120.000 followers but also requests for events and weddings from all over Europe. (Source: Telegraph UK)

Make it personal but keep the focus on flowers. Take Swallows and Damsons for instance again, all Anna’s designs carry her signature and her images always include a personal touch: she is the one making up the designs but the focus always remains on the flowers. With a daily update, she has given herself an extra shop window but to a much larger public. It seems to be a match made in heaven to her and many other florists. Search for petalon_flowers on Instagram or @Paulapryke on Twitter for more successful examples.

The romantic, relaxed trend in following of the raw, industrial look is perfect as starting point for bouquets and arrangements. Use materials from this look book as background, setting or a way to upload your bouquets. It will allow visitors to get a better idea of the ambiance and style you portray as florists or designer, thanks to the different pictures on an account.

Look online and see what other florists and designers are doing. Practise with taking pictures, making backgrounds and settings. Let’s create a floral future together! 

Blog: Spring is smiling at you!

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Blog: Long-term Love

The red roses has been the ultimate symbol of love since day and age in North America and Western Europe. However, there is more! In Southern Europe and Mexico, people have already discovered that there are other ways to show your affection. Below two buyers about their beloved Anthurium:

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